Updated my profile page - please let me know what you think

I updated my profile page and I’m looking for some feedback. I’m hosting it on firebase.


Oh, I remember your landing page! I though it was cute, but also professional for like a local scouts chapter.

So question: are you following the fCC user stories, or just doing your own thing? I think that adding some blank space (cover page) before your projects would be nice. You can put your little descriptor on that section in larger text, maybe a picture of you. Then when you scroll down, you got your projects section, your languages, your contact section, things like that, you know? I’d suggest making a color scheme, maybe using a scheme generator online, and using that instead of just two colors.

Once you got that down pack, then play around with animations like for your hovers and pictures of your projects.

Yeah man, I think you got a good start! Just keep improving, it can always be better! I look forward to seeing the new and improved~