Updated my Tribute Page after learning more in JS - https://codepen.io/ainneo/pen/JgjKEJ

Hey guys,
I updated my page after learning some JS. The truth is I didnt write the JS CODE, I found the code and I tweaked it with the knowledge I have learned so far in FCC. I would not have been able to make the changes I wanted without any basic knowledge… so I know enough to make tweaks and read JS, but not enought to fully write my own JS code.

Please let me know what you guys think…

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itz cool nice work a step closer keep learning…we are in this

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You do have an error showing in the browser console, once the animation completes each time.

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what do you mean? what is the error? can you please post. thanks so much!

Just open your browser’s console and you will see it.

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Do you mind teaching me how to fix this?

replacing lines 32 - 39 with this should fix it

if (i < dataText[i].length) {
      // text exists! start typewriter animation
     typeWriter(dataText[i], 0, function(){
       // after callback (and whole text has been animated), start next text
       try {
         StartTextAnimation(i + 1);
       catch {
         return 0;
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Yes, I see this, but how do i go about fixing it, do you recommend a site that teaches how to correct errors based on console error messages> Thanks!

Thank you for that - it worked… any recommendations on learning better code? and sites your recommend for me to learn how to correct code on the console?

@ainneo If you have not already done so, I recommend completing the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures section to learn more about JavaScript. This is how you will learn to fix the errors in the console.

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Thank you Randell! I will… working towards it…