Updated OS Literature (Recomendations)

Fellow devs,

I’ve started reading Deitel’s Operating System (3rd Edition). I wish I knew this book earlier in life :sigh:

I also got my hands on Tanenbaum’s Modern Operating Systems (4th Edition).

The thing is: both materials are quite old – a decade or more.

Could you guys suggest other newer options covering OS, maintaining the didactic and detailed approach?

The general concepts of OS’s haven’t changed much in 10 years. Besides, Tanenbaum’s 4th edition is only 6 years old, and it’s widely regarded as a Bible of OS architecture – I really can’t think of a single better book than that one. Read that one and have a copy of Minix 3 with you to poke through while you do it.

My bad, I mistook the date for Tanenbaum’s Computer Networks 4th edition :2010.

I really expected some alternative materials, but it seems the man did his job so well that no room was left to competiton.

Anyways, now that I know I’m in the right sea, time to dive in.

Thanks Chuck :smiley: :+1: