Updated Portfolio - Feedback


Today I obtained a Responsive Web Design certification. I would like some feedback on my updated portfolio before moving on to the next section of lessons. Let me know what you think of the responsiveness and design, plus any issues you may run in to.

Thank you so much!


Note: There are still some features I need to add, especially once I have more of a grasp on JavaScript. These are noted at the top of the HTML.

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What a lovely page! And +1 for the Oxford comma. :rofl:

My only teeny quibbles…

I’m not sure about the period after your name. I suspect it would look better without it, but I’m not 100% convinced.

You may want to make the menu background darker. When it overlays a section header it looks like gibberish:


I miss seeing “back to top” links in each section, but that may be old-fashioned. It’s been so long since I did web development I may simply be out of touch.

Overall, it’s beautiful. Nice job. Very professional. I’m on a laptop with a big browser window and it looks great. I didn’t check mobile.

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Thank you for taking the time to review my work! & Yes, the oxford comma is usually “the one that got away” :laughing:

I’ll definitely consider your suggestions! It’s funny you mention the Back To Top button, because I was just researching the best way to implement that. Will add it to my notes.

Thanks again!