Updated Portfolio Page - Seeking Feedback

Hello everyone! I recently updated my personal portfolio site and added a blog with Jekyll.

I know the current projects I have listed are mostly from tutorials and not very impressive so I’m not looking for very much feedback there. I’m working on turning my current weather app into a react frontend, and I’m also working on a unique MERN stack project that I will add to my site when they are completed.

Please let me know where I can improve the site and provide any feedback or ideas you have for me!


I plan to start applying for jobs within the next week and want to make sure everything is the best it can be.

Thank you in advance!

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Pushing this back up to the top since I haven’t received any feedback or responses yet.

Any and all feedback is greatly welcomed!

Good job man you did really well . I LIKE IT

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Looks good. Laptop image background disappears on small screens, maybe add a media query if you want it to show up. Note that mailto href doesn’t work in Chrome without custom settings.

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I forgot about that but the mailto option always seems to not be a great option IMO. I don’t have my email setup on my desktop so they never work for me. I think I will turn this into a form submission option.

Thanks for your help!

Looks super polished. Truly. On Safari mobile, the navbar disappears when you navigate to the top of the page. You have to scroll around to get it to return.

The #contact section, I’m curious why you chose the #333 for the background. It mirrors the font color from the previous section, but doesn’t really appear anywhere else in your design schematic that I can see. It looks as though you transitioned from the dark/light theme with brilliant splashes of color to a new theme with that gray.

This is purely a subjective observation, so please don’t dwell too greatly on that.

Also, your Matt Underwood logo in the navbar usually looks great with the 2% margin, but not always (sometimes it crowds the side). Three percent margin seems to fix that, and looks pretty good in most cases. But please make of this what you will.

But, honestly, it looks so well done. I like what you did here a lot.

looks good… i would add smooth scrolling… it’s only a one line job…

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Great suggestions. I fixed the Safari issue which was a little weird and dealt with the pageYOffset being interpreted in a different way than chrome.

I’m also curious and never really gave it much thought. I think you have a solid point here and I will look into different design options to give the page more cohesion.

Really nice project @MattUnderwood

Nice work on simplicity!