Updated Portfolio Page

Hi everyone,

I just updated my portfolio page. I’m not trying to get coding jobs (!) but jobs in politics or legislative analysis. Seeking any and all feedback. Thanks.



looks nice , think you should concider images optimization , (some of them are huge)

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I can see you have had some thought about this (I saw the different forks on codepen).
Like @Annestezia says, some images need optimization - I noticed this in the Writing section. Your images on the JavaScript section are optimized so it shouldn’t be hard to do. Maybe you don’t have the rights to the images? If you can get them hosted on your site, optimized it would be better. (maybe with a credit). They are probably stock images anyway.
Another note. You are not looking for coding jobs but you have 3 of 4 social links are coding related. You could add Skype here if you want to be contacted via Skype.
These are minor things.
The design is fine. I think the fly-in animations could be a little faster.
Well done :+1:

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Looks good man. Other than what’s mentioned above I would also add that the :focus border on your contact forms seems a little bit all over the place and you should probably disable resizing of the message part unless that is intentional.


Good catch, thank you