Updated tribute page: feedback wanted

I have reworked my tribute page to conform to the user stories of the new and improved Free Code Camp. Also, the page was originally made with Bootstrap, but now owes its layout to CSS grid, although I haven’t eliminated Bootstrap entirely–it’s still used (at least) to center the image. I think the page now meets the requirements of all 8 user stories (I could be wrong about #8, though–correct me if I’m wrong).

Here is the tribute page:

Looks very good. I think basic flow layout is the best layout, very good!

Layout is working, and works good for mobile too as same as desktop.

applied text indent for paragraphs, awesome! very good(but I think it’s a little too much, also use relative em over absolute pixel, I think something between 0.7 and 1.4 em look good)

default link(anchor) color/style has overridden, very good.

It also has some very small issue you could fix them very easy, first is about the image you added, seems the domai nyou grabbed the image follows same-origin-policy, so image would not be available this way(not critical, just for informing)

You also used 1vw(1% of view width) for image caption. 1vw? in mobile it’s really small! very small check:
This is better to use em for font sizing, I think 0.8em could work(80% of default font size)

I suggest you set justify (text-align: justify;) for mobile view, also a little more line-height for mobile view would be better.

less padding for further reading section would be better.

Once again, simple and neat, very good!

Keep goin on great work, happy programming

Thanks! I’ve implemented your suggestion regarding the image caption, and maybe will find another image.