Updated Tribute Page Project - Third Day - Any feedback please

Based on the feedback provide by @forestalieb and @pleeseno (Thanks for this) I have made a few changes to the buttons, general layout and changed a few images.

During the next few days I will add more content.
Any other feedback greatly appreciated!

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Better than most websites I’ve seen. I will add some of the features in yours to my website (not a freecodecamp one).

Nice banner at the top! It’d be cool if it was stretched all the way at the top to take up the whole area, but I like it either way. Cool use of boxes too. I like to add box-shadows to mine to make them stand out more. It’d be a nice touch to your nav buttons and main image underneath them.

Speaking of nav buttons, when I scaled your page down, the “Tours” button goes under the other three and overlaps them a bit. Maybe make the button stack on top of each other, 2 and 2? I tried to play around with it in your code using <@media> tag. I also made your #links-tag a display of “flex” while scaled down and it all sits together well, but when you resize it up, they’re too spread out. I’d play around with your buttons more and see what works with responsiveness. Also, the top banner picture, when scaled down, starts to repeat. Nothing huge, you could keep it that way, but just wanted to share my views.

Thanks @forestalieb for the feedback.

@pleeseno Thank you for the feedback.
I will play round with the options for @media.
Also added some shadows, good idea - thanks!

Hey, it looks really cool! I like all of the adjustments (seeing it on my phone rn). Good job!


I see it on P.C. and it looks good too.

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