Updated typing practice tool: Type.fit

Hi guys,
Please check the typing practice tool https://type.fit/#{"text":"Hi%20fellow%20coders%20from%20fromfreecodecamp.org,%20please%20check%20the%20latest%20updates%20for%20the%20typing%20practice%20tool!%20Just%20click%20Start%20typing.%20Cheers"}

Does the app work? If it does how do i use it?

Neat stuff, good job! Couple remarks:

  • I’m not sure I understand the purpose of sharing buttons. Probably you want those when you display the result: “You type 23 characters a minute. Share your result…”
  • Likewise I’m not sure I understand the purpose of editing input text - seems like unnecessary feature

Hi @nibble, thanks for the feedback.
Yes, the app does work, perhaps you opened the link your mobile, this is why the app didn’t feel functional. The web app is intended for the desktop browsers.
I’ve just added a message for mobile device to open the link on desktop.

Hi @snigo,
Thanks for the feedback!
The idea of sharing is that you can type a custom text and share it on social network to kind of challenge your peers to type it. You’re right, perhaps it is not currently obvious.

And as for editing inputs, the idea is to copy-paste and add own text. Imaging you learn another language and want to memorise some phrases and/or sentences by typing.
It really works for mnemonic reasons, but perhaps not obvious in UI.

Cheers, have a great day