Updating a JSON source file to include new data

I’m making a bar graph with quarterly U.S. GDP data from this link : “https://raw.githubusercontent.com/FreeCodeCamp/ProjectReferenceData/master/GDP-data.json

I want to update the JSON file to include data through the first quarter of 2020. I went to the FED’s website and found this txt file of the data : “http://research.stlouisfed.org/fred2/data/GDP.txt

I added the 2015-2020 data to the original JSON file:

I replaced the url in the function

"d3.json(‘https://raw.githubusercontent.com/FreeCodeCamp/ProjectReferenceData/master/GDP-data.json’, function(err, data) { "

with a url that points to the new JSON file on github: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Water1994/json/master/GDPccJSON

at which point the graph doesn’t render.

I’ve tried changing a part of the code that says:

minDate = new Date(data[0][0]);
maxDate = new Date(data[274][0]);

by trying numbers higher than 274 to no avail.

Confused, not sure what to google. Any help or perspective is much welcomed, thank you

You have invalid JSON. Check it using a validator and correct it. You can also use the original file for comparison.

I would also suggest saving it as a .json file and install a JSON extension in the browser to better view the json.