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I just finished the Telephone Validator challenge in the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures course. When I first completed the validator, I only got about 90% of the way there with my regex and had to resort to a weak method to solve the cases that included mismatched parens in the telephone number. I have since been able to figure out and re-complete the solution using a proper regex, but my old solution is the solution being shown in the certification page.

Is there any way to update my solution so the more correct solution is shown?

I really hated to have had to resort to a weak solution, previously, and would prefer to show the better one I came up with, if possible.

Thanks for your help!

Hello there,

All you need to do is ensure to resubmit your project :slightly_smiling_face:

You might be seeing the old solution, because you have not refreshed the page - your browser still has the old data state.

Hope this helps

When I go to the page that has the actual challenge problem, my better solution is shown.

However, from my certification page, the “solution” for the validator is still showing my original, weak solution.

You can see where, in the weak solution (shown on the certification page), I refer to a " a bit of a cheat" where I check for unmatched parens, which isn’t a good thing to do.

I want to update the solution as shown on the challenge page to be my solution, which I created at Codepen ( https://codepen.io/jlevin/pen/yLbdzaJ ) then pasted into FCC to re-solve the challenge.

This way, someone who is interested can see my better solution.

Can you update your database to reflect this?


Nevermind. It took a few cache clearings to get the solution on the cert page to show as I require. Thanks for your help!

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