Updating DOM based on event

I have a conceptual question more than a specific one. I am building an app that allows users to text customers using a custom built interface using Twilio and receive incoming text messages the same way. Whenever a message is sent the database is updated with that message. When a text is incoming it hits a webhook and updates the database with the incoming message. The messages are displayed to the users of the system via a table. The table has an incoming text column and a sent text column for each customer that is being communicated with. Right now a user has to either refresh the page to get the table to display updated texting data or I could put in a refreshing function that auto refreshes the page at certain intervals. What I really want to do instead is have the table cell updated for all users on the page simultaneously with the updated texting data whenever a message is either sent or incoming. I’m not sure how to accomplish this or even really what to search for on google to lead me in the right direction. Is what I’m trying to do even possible?

Hi @mferino. I have never done anything of that sort before but isn’t that what socket.io is for? Try checking it out.

@mferino As @nibble suggests, based on your description above, you want to use a websocket.

@nibble & @RandellDawson Thank you this is exactly the info I needed! :smiley: