Updating info from one website to my own

Hello, how does it work if I want to take information about new cars from Autoscout: https://goo.gl/rRcNiq and update them into my own website in the format which I created like here: https://www.juragarage.ch/occasionen? Ideally this information updates on the website automatically once Autoscout uploads new info. I thought I would update everything manually but it is sooo much work.
I would really appreciate someone explaining to me in the easiest way possible, so I know what to research further. I don’t know Javascript well, I’m a beginner at web dev. Thank you in advance.

If the other site has an API, maybe you can use it to import the data periodically (i.e. once every 30 minutes). If not, then you would have to crawl their site and find the new information on some type of schedule.

Hi @RandellDawson , thank you for for letting me know. They do have a paid API indeed. Could you please direct me where I should start researching my next steps with this? what would be your suggestion?