Uploaded my first project in Github


Should my HTML and CSS file be in folders? Should I do something different with the README?

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The HTML and CSS should be files, just like you have them.

Some people have more elaborate READMe’s, especially if they are collaborating with others. But I don’t think it’s necessary.

If you want, you can look into putting your project on GitHub Pages so that people can click a link and see a live version of your project. You may need to add the responsive meta tag to your head to make it display properly.

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Hey there @Porphyrogennitos !

Great job uploading it to github!

No for a site that only has 2 files I think having it the way it is fine. You can start thinking about folders once you start going into react and Node.JS.

One thing I would recommend is enabling GH pages, makes it easier to access the live website from the repository. As for the README I think its fine for a basic static site such as this one. Honestly don’t overcomplicate the README if you don’t have to.

If you want to improve your markdown though there’s a course on the GitHub lab that is pretty good.


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Hey @Porphyrogennitos,
You’re further along than I am! I’m still deciding who my tribute page is dedicated to!
Your HTML and CSS files look great! As far as the readme.md, I agree with above statements, it’s not a huge deal right now, but when you do make your own personal site through GH, try using this layout:

  • :wave: Hi, I’m @(yourUsername)

  • :eyes: I’m interested in …

  • :seedling: I’m currently learning …

  • :revolving_hearts: I’m looking to collaborate on …

  • :mailbox: How to reach me …

This was a suggested layout by the GH page (: Hope it helps!

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I think you should host it to github pages