Uploading Backend/API projects on Github


How do I update my back end projects properly on Github?

I´ve realized that it doesn´t work for me. With the exercises, I ended up using replit because I couldn´t manage to make it work. Now I am doing the projects and I prefer to use the Github live pages, but it looks very different from the local page.

This is how it looks locally:

This is how it looks on Github:

Obviously is not passing the second test even that is working.

How to I ammend this? My files looks the same as the files of the FreeCodeCamp repo (I cloned that one).

This is my repo:

Hi @7ing7ing !

It was my understanding that you can deploy backend projects to github pages.
You would have to use something like heroku instead.

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I am confused. You meant that I cannot deploy backend to Github so I have to use Heroku?

You can keep your code on Github but when you actually deploy the site you can’t use GitHub pages.
That works for HTML, CSS and Vanilla javascript sites.
GitHub pages can also work for React but I personally like other options like Netlify.

But for backend, you can use Heroku.

Here is a freeCodeCamp article that walks you through it.

Hope that helps!

Thanks, I’ll have a look!

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