Uploading images file and text together

Hello all, I have been following and have finished the tutorial for the Full Stack React & Firebase Tutorial - Build a social media app that I have found on Youtube.
It has honestly taught me so much to the fact that I have carried building on top of it.
I have now created it that when user uploads their profile image it creates a firebase sub folder which is there unique identifier.
I have now run in to a issue with the issue being I am trying for when a user post something(in tutorial called screams) that they can post an image as well as text. I have been trying to think of way to implement this to the back end already on top of what was built.

Below is the cold I have for when a user wants to post something

exports.postOnePost = (req, res) => {
    if (req.body.body.trim() === '') {
      return res.status(400).json({body: 'body must not be empty'})
    if (req.body.riddimName.trim() === '') {
        return res.status(400).json({imageName: ' image name must not be empty'})
       const newPost = {
           // this is where you would add the post of an instrumental.
         body: req.body.body,
         imageName: req.body.imageName,
         userHandle: req.user.handle,
         userImage: req.user.imageUrl,
         postedAt: new Date().toISOString(),
         likeCount: 0,
         commentCount: 0

     // where data will be added within firestore
      // if created successfully will display
      .then((doc) => {
          const resPost = newPost;
          resPost.postId = doc.id;
      // if an error occured will change the response to 500 (server error)
      // will also output the error in teh web console
      .catch(err => {
              .json({error: 'something went wrong'});

Here is the code for when a user uploads a display picture

exports.uploadImage = (req, res) => {
    const BusBoy = require('busboy');
    const path = require('path');
    const os = require('os');
    const fs = require('fs');

    const busboy = new BusBoy({headers: req.headers})

    let imageFileName;
    let imageToBeUploaded = {};

    busboy.on('file', (fieldname, file, filename, encoding, mimetype) => {
      if(mimetype !== 'image/jpeg' && mimetype !== 'image/jpg' && mimetype !== 'image/png'){
        return res.status(400).json({error: 'Wrong file type submitted'})

      const imageExtension = filename.split('.')[filename.split('.').length - 1];
      imageFileName = `${Math.round(Math.random()*10000000000)}.${imageExtension}`;
      const filepath = path.join(os.tmpdir(), imageFileName);
      imageToBeUploaded = {filepath, mimetype};

    busboy.on('finish', () => {
      admin.storage().bucket(firebaseConfig.storageBucket).upload(imageToBeUploaded.filepath, {
        destination: `${req.user.handle}/${imageFileName}`,
        resumable: false,
        metadata: {
          metadata: {
            contentType: imageToBeUploaded.mimetype
      .then(() => {
        //const imageUrl = `https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/${firebaseConfig.storageBucket}/o/${imageFileName}?alt=media`;
        const imageUrl = `https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/${firebaseConfig.storageBucket}/o/${req.user.handle}%2F${imageFileName}?alt=media`
        return db.doc(`/users/${req.user.handle}`).update({imageUrl});
      .then(() => {
        res.json({ message: ' Image uploaded successfully'});
      .catch(err => {
        return res.status(500).json({ error: err.code});


I have been trying to merge them together but have had no luck
If you would be able to help me that would be great tank you

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