Uploading to Github

Hello Everyone,

I have just completed one of the couple sections i am interested in on the main FCC Page and got the certificate. I was wondering if it is ok to upload the pages in that section with the code to Github or just the pages only no code do i need permission for the code section? Thanks .

also does anyone know a good place to upload files like cloud or onedrive don’t need much space maybe 5gb or less. It was just some reference code files that i found usefull as i code i don’t think Gitgub allows you to load this type. I don’t know my Github is blank atm i didn’t load anything until i had some answers. Thanks again

Why not use google drive for your reference files?

For uploading code to GitHub, which code did you mean exactly?

The code i submitted here for the pages i worked on to get the certificate . It was changed from the examples given not just cut and paste it also cleared here when i submit. I believe its ok but just wanted to clarify if was ok to put elsewhere thanks

yes you can definitely put your project code on github

thanks good to know. Still new to Github so was just wondering if there was a procedure for loading in general or just load it

you should create a repository, then make some directories for organization then load your files there.

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