Urgent help needed

Hi, My name is Dev Halder. I am a regular user of your website.

I’m almost done with the HTML part. I was wanting to revise my practice of HTML after I would be done with the HTML challenges. I then realized that I have not downloaded my solutions , while solving each challenge. Is there any way , you can help me by sending me the solutions to the challenges I have already solved.

Promise that , from now on I will keep a copy of my solutions , by myself.

It would be really generous of you, if you could help me.

Thank you very much.

Dev Halder.

There should be some way to redownload the code without having to do all the work a second time… I haven’t quite gotten that far yet, but if I end up doing so, I’ve got your back.

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solutions are not saved on the server so no one can send them to you

but you can see the solution in the guide following the Get a hint link