Urgent help please

I want to know if its possible to do that.Icons > title > text (“with different kind of text inside”)
Please someone could help me with some infos or a video tutorial or something else


Hello Brunold,
Please write a meaningful title.

What have you searched for yourself? I don’t think you should expect people to just do your searching for you. If you want to be a developer, you must learn how to find information yourself.
That said, here are some pointers:

Icons - search for Font Awesome
Circle around the icon - do the CSS challenges (div and border)
Everything else is also CSS, possibly flexbox or grid.


Im not a developer, im trying to help a friend. I mean in this post if someone knows a tutorial or knows how to make that! Because this is what we got :frowning:


it is a bit too specific for having a tutorial about this. if you want hints and directions you still need to post your code

if you don’t want to learn about what you need to do it maybe you need a freelancer to make the website for you

Okay, what does your friend know about web coding?
Maybe you or your friend or both of you could go through the HTML and CSS sections of the FCC course, as that are the two modules you need.
Whether it’s a video tutorial or FCC, the information is the same.

I have another question; when you get the code to do that part of a page, how about the rest of the page and site?

But as @ieahleen has mentioned, if you are in a hurry, hire a coder

I did. I said its a friend, but actualy he is a freelancer, and he is having difficult

Me: nothing
My friend: he is a freelancer and he work with it.

He’s a freelancer? A freelance coder?
If he is a freelance coder, he should be able to code that simple layout. What do people pay him to do?

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