Urgent Help with JS!

Urgent Help with JS!
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I put


, but I couldn't pass the challenge, and then I don't know what the challenge wants me to do, because is said  `Assign 'processed' to processArg`


// Example
var changed = 0;

function change(num) {
  return (num + 5) / 3;

changed = change(10);

// Setup
var processed = 0;

function processArg(num) {
  return (num + 3) / 5;

// Only change code below this line

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Hi @Hackdragon12, you’ve got the right idea. Remember to try to understand what’s happening in the example first, then follow the instructions.

ourSum = sum(5, 12);

Here’s our example. We see multiple things happening here:

  1. We have variable, ourSum, which is being set to something.
  2. The function sum is called with 5 and 12 arguments.
  3. sum returns. Whatever is returned from sum gets set to the variable ourSum

Now for your prompt:

Call the processArg function with an argument of 7 and assign its return value to the variable processed.

Break down the steps in the same way!


Thank you so much!

for(var i = "Love coding"; i <= "not a proffesional yet";i++){ }


Haha love this. Glad you got it! Let us know if you run into more problems.