URGENT! Javascript Images

Hello! Please take a look at this codepen. How can I upload images instead of the purple rectangles? I want the first image to float like the rectangle does now.

nvm fixed it!!!

dude you have way bigger problems than that lol. dont think anyone will be able to help you without first fixing a gang of other issues.

Might I suggest watching this 10 min video on html/css layouts.

Few problems with your code:

never put and tags other than <link> <script> <title> <meta> in your <head>. everything else belongs in the body.

ffs…dont use <br> to make space between your divs. use them to make new lines in paragraphs or forms and nothing else. If you have more than 2 in a row you need to think of a work around. use padding or margin to space your divs.

use the < img > tag to insert images. to get the link to an image online, right click and copy the image address.if its on a harddrive you will need to upload it to a server or an image hosting website link imgur or something

in your CSS, just use font-family once under your body identifier and it will be applied to all its child tags. dont repeat yourself if you dont have to.

I have no idea what your javascript does and neither do you so you should probably just get rid of it. looks like you were trying to make a frame to hold your images. just use the <img> tag in your html instead

dont get discouraged. keep trying. theres a lot to learn but its not a sprint, its a marathon.