URL Shortener Feedback and testing


Have finished this project just in time to enjoy the afternoon sun. Please test it and let me know if something doesn’t work quite right. It seems to satisfy the user stories from my own testing. I tried to validate URLS upto the third /, anything after that is user error. :laughing:



I get invalid url format using https://fcc-pinterest-clone.glitch.me
and https://fcc-voting-arthow4n.herokuapp.com/polls

Thank you! :beers:

I’ve fixed the regex for that now and it recognises - as a valid character. Read the RFCs really quickly and + is also a character but I can’t recall seeing that in the URL before the third slash…

I also added code to convert inputted URLs to lowercase.

https://timurl.herokuapp.com/1567 should go to https://fcc-voting-arthow4n.herokuapp.com/polls now.

I tried a few more complicated links which worked.
The app crashed once but now it seems to work :+1: