URL Shortener Microservice - unexpected results while passing the tests

Hi, I have been working on the URL shortener challenge for the last days. I finally tried a mix between some stuffs I found on the net. I would like to use async and await, but it will be the next step. When I try to validate my project, all goes wrong and i would like to understand why.

I pass the second test whereas my post request returns {“original_url”:“https://www.freecodecamp.org/”}. The field with the shortened url is in the database but is not shown in the result. So i don’t understand why i succeed this test.

I fail the third test whereas I can access the free code camp website when i search for the shortened url.

I also fail the fourth test. But when i try to shorten the a wrong URL, the JSON object {“error”:“invalid url”} is sent by the backend. Is it because error is between " ?

So you can see the code I am trying to validate, I copy the projet on my github and I added the code there is on my repl.it :

Does someone have an idea about the problem ? Especially for the third test, it seems to be wrong.