Url Shortener Project Error


I am not sure why I keep getting an error when submitting my project when it works on own when I use the shortener. I have the invalid url error, provide the originalurl and the short url and you are redirected. Can someone help me see where the problem may lie?


The properties are supposed to be original_url and short_url, not originalUrl and shortUrl

You can POST a URL to /api/shorturl and get a JSON response with original_url and short_url properties. Here’s an example: { original_url : 'https://freeCodeCamp.org', short_url : 1}

If you just do a find and replace for all of them your code should pass.

You were right. Thank you so much I didn’t even notice that!

Took me a while to figure it out as well, I kind of glossed over it at first.

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