URL Shortener Project Help Link


If you were having issues passing the tests for the URL Shortener Microservice Project like I was, a big help was digging up and reviewing the client-side code for the tests themselves here:

It is a markup doc with code blocks.

My main issue was not realizing how the request was being put together on the client side. If you’re failing the POST or GET requests for your short urls, keep in mind that the client requests the url like so:


However, the client side puts the “<project_url>/api/shorturl/” together first then unpacks the short_url field from your JSON response object retrieved from the POST request and adds it to the full link to become “<project_url>/api/shorturl/${res.short_url}”

Other issues that may be a result of not knowing how the client side requests are coming in can be solved by reading the code blocks at the above link.

I hope this helps someone who is having difficulty with this project.