URL shortener project ( solved)

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  1. req.params is undefined but res.params has the value that I want to obtain. This is really weird. I used app.get(‘path’, callback function). For more details, you can check my repl.

  2. The connection to mongodb is on but new url and shortened pairs cannot be seen in mongodb.

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Challenge: URL shortener

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Hello there,

This line has an error/typo:

const { id_string } = res.params;

Hope this helps

Hi, I know I should use req.params but it doesn’t work. So it’s very weird that I can only get the result from res.params. That’s my question

Ah right. Well, try adding a ? to the end of your parameter.

I just realised, you have switched the parameters req, res

Hope that helps

Yes, you’re right. I didn’t realise it. Thank you!