URL Shortener Project

I’ve just finished my URL shortener. I think I’m well done with this project. But, I’m not sure if some of my codes are correct or not. I want to make sure everything is iron out correctly before submitting this project. So, please give me some feedbacks, reviews, and suggestions that could improve my project.

Also, I noticed the _id field always shows up in the data, and I can’t make it not appear or hide it. The _id always appear in my json object. How do you hide the _id field in the object? Can some one also help with that problem as well?

In short, you have to explicitly tell mongoose not to return the _id field with the data set. Read more about it in the solution to this SO post. It can be done, if its something you want, but then you won’t be able to do a findById later if you need to. :wink:

Looking at the rest of your code quick, but it looks pretty clean so far.