Use a Constructor to Create Objects

This is one of my first coding lessons ever, and am struggling a bit. If someone could give a little hint as to how to do this right I would greatly appreciate it. :slight_smile:

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function Dog() { = "Rupert";
  this.color = "brown";
  this.numLegs = 4;
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let Hound = new Dog();
function Hound(){;

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In this course you should create an object from Dog class, something like this:

let hound = new Dog();

In this case you have and object from a class that can use in your code.

Hey Ryan,
If this is your first ever coding lesson, then you should start from basics, instead of starting from this challenge.
As far as this challenge is concerned ,

You don’t need this part for challenge, remove it and should be good to go.
Hope it helps.

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