Use an Array to Store a Collection of Data`

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I can’t understandwhat should I do please can you help me?

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let yourArray; // change this line

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You just need to assign an array to that let yourArray variable. And your array must have at least 5 elements. At least one element must be a string, one must be a number and one must be a boolean(true or false). Other two elements can be anything of your choice.

can you explain what is boolean?

It’s a data type like string or number. And it has only two possible values --> true or false

Which is boolean’s code?

true or false… take a look at

let yourArray;
var foo = true; // change this line

I should write that but how?

let yourArray = ['some string', 21, true, 'another string', 'one more string'];

something like that…

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Oh yes this is right I understand now thank you very much.

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