Use an IIFE to Create a Module part what I cannot delete the return keywords under ()=>{} function paradigm

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let funModule = (
() => 
  {return { 
    isCuteMixin: (obj)=>{
    singMixin: (obj)=>{
      obj.sing=()=>{console.log("Singing to an awesome tune");}}

but the time I delete the return in the outer scope, this function will occur an error.
I mean that below code I showed is almost the same.

() => {return obj;}
() => obj;

so, why cannot delete the return keywords?

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Challenge: Use an IIFE to Create a Module

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You can delete the return, and those {} around the function body… But then you’re returning an object literal {} - which the fat arrow sees as a function body again!

But, if you wrap the returned object in parentheses: ({ }), then Javascript treats it as a returned object, and not the function body. :wink:

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You can also check out the “Function body” and “Returning object literals” sections of the arrow functions MDN article.


yeeeees, you are right , thank you!

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Very well said. Whenever possible, the docs are the best authority.

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