Use API for JS calculator?

I’m just about to start my “Build a Javacript Calculator” project. In the project description it says you can use an API if needed. Is this recommended or should you just use a library like math.js?

Sure, it is your project after all. but it can be rewarding to figure it out without libraries

Thanks for your answer. Wouldn’t an API just do all of the work for you though?

What API are you thinking about using?

I really don’t know. I just don’t want to set out on the wrong path and so waste time. Sorry if this is ambiguous.

I feel quite sure that I should just use math.js but just wanted confirmation.

I think the instruction “Fulfill the below user stories. Use whichever libraries or APIs you need. Give it your own personal style.” is just a boilerplate instruction. I don’t think you need to infer from that that APIs are going to be useful here. I can’t imagine many uses for API’s here. Libraries, maybe (as is jQuery), but APIs? Not in this case.

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