Use Caution When Reinitializing Variables Inside a Loop mine

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helo plz i need a summary for the code below

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function zeroArray(m, n) {
  // Creates a 2-D array with m rows and n columns of zeroes
  let newArray = [];
  let row = [];
  for (let i = 0; i < m; i++) {
    // Adds the m-th row into newArray
    row=[];//plz i want to knw why row=[]; works and not newArray=[];
    for (let j = 0; j < n; j++) {
      // Pushes n zeroes into the current row to create the columns
    // Pushes the current row, which now has n zeroes in it, to the array
  return newArray;

let matrix = zeroArray(3, 2);

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If you use newArray = [] you are pushing things in newArray but then at next iteration you are emptying it. If you keep emptying it, it will never be what you want it to be.

You can see what happens in your code with this tool:

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thanks for d link i didnt knw stuff like dat exist