Use Conditional Logic with If Statements solution not passing

What might be wrong with my solution ?

Create an if statement inside the function to return Yes, that was true if the parameter wasThatTrue is true and return No, that was false otherwise.

My Solution:

function trueOrFalse (wasThatTrue) {

  // Only change code below this line

if (wasThatTrue) {

  return "Yes that was true";

} else {

return "No That was false";




  // Only change code above this line

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Looking at your code, you are REALLY close!!

Your logic is correct. The strings you are returning are a bit off. The tests expect you to match the result exactly.

Thank soo much Naomi for the timely response. I have realize the commas after the Yes and No were missing and also the uppercase “T” in the “No” string were the cause. It passed after fixing them.

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Please how can i highlight please?

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