Use CSS Selectors to Style Elements?

I thought that I turned my h2 element blue, but I guess I am doing it wrong. Can someone please type out what its supposed to look like?

People will generally be hesitant to just give you a straight answer, as that doesn’t feel very instructive…

It might be more productive to post the code you’ve written so someone can explain what you’ve misunderstood. Alternatively, there are many online resources available. Try looking here for an explanation.

The code that I wrote is on the link.

oops. sorry. I didn’t click the link and thought you were just referencing the challenge. I think you’ve basically got it right, but those dashes and the “<” shouldn’t be there before the h2. Basically, the example that’s given on the side should be what you have except with “red” replaced by “blue”

delete <-- before h2 styling and add heading <h2>CatPhotoApp</h2>
final result should look like this:

h2 {color: blue;}


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Thank you so, so much! It worked!