Use FCC on two screens


just started and wonder if it is possible to use two screens at FreeCodeCamp .
For example, on one instruction and code and on the other the output e.g. the created website.

Did I overlook this or is it not possible?

Thank you very much

the freecodecamp website is one-page application, it has different tabs inside only if the window size get smaller than a certain value (like on mobile). With desktop sized screens you get the screen divided in two or three sections depending on what certificate you are doing. And when you start doing back-end stuff, only one, as you will code in an external platform (called glitch), and at this point you will certainly be able to do that

you should be able to do something like you are saying when you start using actual code editors, like or - so for the projects

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Thank you very much
Yes I have the screen divided into three sections but everything is very close together. I had the hope there would be a way to put them on a seperate window because now the code or text is sometime on multiple lines squished together.

You can use two screens by just opening browsers on both screens. One page won’t automatically advance with the other. So when you complete a challenge in one window, you will need to navigate to the next challenge in the other. You can change the size of the three sections by moving the borders between them.