Use javascript on a webpage

Hello, I had been learning js past 2 month. I am now in functional programming chapter. I have a question. I know it’s kinda embarrassing question. In my way to learn javascript I learn a lot of things. But I didn’t know one of impotent basic thing is that How i can use javascript on a webpage . I am getting confused. So, please someone tell me how to properly use js on a webpage

JavaScript needs to be put in a script tag in the html page, and to manipulate the html elements with JavaScript you need to learn DOM manipulation

The Front End libraries certificate is about using JavaScript and its libraries or frameworks to manipulate the html elements.

But first you need to leave the basics of JavaScript

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Ok so I need to understand dom manipulation in order to learn how to use javascript on a webpage?

You first need to know basic JavaScript, the certificate you are doing

After that you can decide what you want to do

But, yeah, you need Dom manipulation to have JavaScript interacting with the webpage. You can learn dom manipulation in vanilla JavaScript or procede with the other certificate to learn frameworks that can do that for you

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