Use Recursion to Create a Countdown

Is that possible to do it with ternary operators ? I always get [-1] when I run the function countdown(-1)

function countdown(n){
  let countdownArray = [];
  (n<=0 || n===1 || n==-1) ? []
  : countdownArray = countdown(n-1);
  return countdownArray;

let result = countdown(-1);

You shouldn’t use ternary operators as a general purpose replacement for an if statement. That’s not what they are for. They are for setting a value based upon a condition

const myValue = condition ? valueIfTruthy : valueIfFalsy;
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Ok, thanks for your reply… So this won’t work at all ?
Just would like to know if I misdid something in there.

You can force it work, but this is not how you should use a ternary.

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Thanks JeremyLT, I’m gonna try again, that just to see how it could work, so please do if you can help with any hint