Use spread operator with rest parameter

I’m at the “ES6: Use the Rest Operator with Function Parameters” of the JavaScript curriculum. I managed to get a result of 0 from the sum function when no arguments are passed on the call.

const sum = (...args) => {
  if (args.length === 0) {
  return args.reduce((number, number2) => {
    return number + number2;
console.log(sum(5, 2));

When I run the tests, I fail the last requirement which is " The sum function uses the ... spread operator on the args parameter." as to say that in my code, the sum function doesn’t use the spread operator. I honestly have no idea what the problem is.
Could you help me?

Have you removed part of the original code? Probably the test is checking what you have written and that is making the test fail

Yeah, it was something like that. Thanks.