Use the delete Keyword to Remove Object Properties Test issues

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Well seeing my code (I mixed up the test cases as I was reading them) and the second test case (The oranges , plums , and strawberries keys are removed using delete) passes as correct when it obviously isn’t since I’ve deleted only strawberries from that test so basically I’m thinking there is an issue with the test cases.

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let foods = {
  apples: 25,
  oranges: 32,
  plums: 28,
  bananas: 13,
  grapes: 35,
  strawberries: 27

// change code below this line
delete foods.apples;
delete foods.grapes;
delete foods.strawberries;
// change code above this line


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I reset the challenge and ran it with no code added and that test passed. I think you’re right.

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