Use the .env File replit-not getting through

app.get("/json", (req, res) => {
let mySecret = process.env['MESSAGE_STYLE']
  if(mySecret === "uppercase") {
     res.json({"message": "Hello json".toUpperCase() });
     res.json = ({"message": "Hello json"});

any help? not getting through.

This is not correct syntax. res.json is a method. You are attempting to assign an object to a method instead of calling the method and passing the object as an argument to it.

Thanks for help this seems to be working but even the test is not passed. using replit.
the link is

The replit you reference above does not pull up. Try forking the project, adding the necessary environment variable/value to the Secrets feature and Running the replit. Then, submit the new live url for this challenge.

Dear Randell, thanks a lot, it solved the problem and I learned a bit more about replit as well. great thanks again.