Use the filter method to extract data from an array ... stay calme :)

I do not understand why this solution works perfectly with my code editor and not with the freecodecamp

let filteredList = => ({Title:item["Title"],rating:item["imdbRating"]}));

filteredList = filteredList.filter(item => item["rating"] > 8);


while the freecodecamp solution :slight_smile:

var filteredList = {

return {title: e["Title"], rating: e["imdbRating"]}

}).filter((e) => e.rating >= 8);


return exactly the same table to my code editor and Google Chrome browser.

but on the other hand works perfectly with Fcc


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Could use the link to the exercise, but just looking over it now, there is a difference in your filteredList.filter(): the fcc solution you quote is looking for >= and you are just looking for >

Thanks for the answer but it does not change absolutely anything. :smiley:

You may have chsnged or invisible characters, for example I see often a => in your code, which may be the >

That may give you issues in executing right the code

I found it!
Title:item["Title"] !== title: e["Title"]

if you still aren’t seeing it, let’s make the variables and the spacing match:
Title: item["Title"] !== title: item["Title"]