Use the map Method to Extract Data from an Array:why didnt mine work

So I am trying to do the challenge, got stuck and went to the fcc forum to find the answers. Apparently this is an answer:

let rating = => {return {title: x.Title , rating: x.imdbRating}});

What i want to know is why did mine not work? I followed the reasoning from other sites that were teaching on how to use the map function and honestly i dont know how that led to the answer above. This is what i got:

rating =, rating, i, watchList) => {title= watchList[i]["Title"], rating = watchList[i]["imdbRating"]})

This is the site i was using to try and figure out the code:

How did the person or people who figured out the correct answer, know to put x in the () and then use dot notation on it? I am confused

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Hey Deedee,

Here, each element of array watchList is considered as x once as the map function loops through the array. Now, since element of array watchList is an object, we use dot notation.

Hope this helps.

i did use the backticks and in the previews it just a blank grey box and no code

I did not see any backticks used in your post, which is why I added them.

thats what i am saying. i tried using backticks before and it gave me a blank grey box so i discarded the ticks

thank you so much! .

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I don’t know what you tried before, because I can only see what your final post was when you clicked Create Topic.