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function convertToInteger(str) { 
  var a = parseInt(str,56);


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Hi @Himanshi, there are 2 main problems with the implementation:

  1. The parseInt function does not operate like that (you passed 2 parameters into it, rather than just the string)
  2. After fixing the parseInt function, you need to modify something else because otherwise you are only storing a value in a local variable (defined only inside the convertToInteger function)

Tip: the challenge text says:
Use parseInt() in the convertToInteger function so it converts the input string str into an integer, and returns it

Edit: passing a number as second parameter to the parseInt is valid, but only if such number is between 2 and 36 (both inclusive). Such number represent the base of the number you want to convert. More info

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thanks simonebogni…:slight_smile: