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I don’t know what to do please tell me?

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function convertToInteger(str) {


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You have to use the ‘parseInt()’ function to convert the string to an integer.

Try declaring a variable in your function and then use the ‘parseInt()’ function to set its value.

Good luck!

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Hi !

You should parse the str parameter and return it inside the given function convertToInteger.

Hope this helps !

function convertToInteger(str) {
var a = parseInt(“007”);


I do that then what I should do?
I have got right the first but others it is wrong.

Good start, however right now you are putting an already defined string (“007”) into the function instead of a generic one. This means that every time you run your function var a would be equal to 7 no matter which number is placed in the function.

You are also currently not returning anything. Try adding a return statement that will return the result of your function.

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How can add a return statement?

What code i mean i should need

You have to parseInt() the parameter given in convertToInteger(), in this case str and return the variable you declared, in this case a.

Can you explain me more easy because I am and 14 years old and sometimes I don’t understand it.

convertToInteger() = function
str = parameter of convertToInteger function. Note that you can name it anything you want. Like : myString.
convertToInteger(“56”); = when you call the function, the value inside parentheses (in this case “56”) replace the parameter str.

So, inside the curly braces { } you should parseInt() the parameter and then return the variable a.

Omg sorry but It is so hard end I can’t do it!:thinking:
And you can’t help me more I understand all of this but I have many hours tried everythiing but nothing is right.

No problem! Maybe my explanation is bad.

Try to replace “007” with str and then return the variable a like this: return a;

OMG OMG this is right and your explaination isn’t bad thank you so much you help me and sorry if i tired of you thank you again

You’are welcome. I will never get tired of helping. We are a community and help others should be our routine. Hope you will help someone else.

Thank you :grinning: