Use the Rest Operator with Function Parameters1

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When isn’t right please tell me?

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const sum =(...args) => {
return args.length > 0 ? args.reduce((num, i) => num+=i) : 0

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Looks like you overcomplicated the solution.

Don’t use the rest operator at the beginning of the function , but use it when the 2nd function inside the wrapper function is returned. So modify below “use strict”. You may have to reset your code to do it easily.

Arrow functions do not have their own arguments object

Ah OK but i do it with @shimphillip It isn’t difficult but thank you

Yeah, but is good to know it is not your fault.

I think you have a colon not a comma right before your initial accumulator. The 0

Also look at your parentheses grouping

Yes but I passed the test I do it.Thank you for helping.

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