"Use the Twitchtv JSON API" project help

Hi everyone, I got a little confused with this projects;
in the project description there is a hint: "Hint: See an example call to Twitch.tv’s JSONP API at here"
in that document there was an update that says the following: "Update September 29, 2016: Twitch has changed their API and now requires an API key in order to run queries. If you are using CodePen or GitHub pages to build these, we do not recommend adding an API key to your project for security reasons.
Instead of using Twitch’s API, we recommend hard-coding this JSON1.9k into your app as a variable. It is a series of responses for different accounts from Twitch…"
Does that mean that we have to copy a hard-coding of a JSON response in a project that is especially for using JSON?

You have two options, using this JSON, or using a workaround that is described in the UPDATE, which works similarly to the original twitch API.

Thank you for you replay,
Using JSON won’t work, because they keep changing the options, but what I am saying is that the project with that workaround won’t make any sense!
“Use the Twitchtv JSON API” without using JSON or API!

You can still use their API. However, if you use codepen you would have to reveal your Twitch API key, so that’s why they recommend you not to use it.