Use vs code for projects

D3 scatter plot
I"m using vs code to do my project because it is easy to catch mistakes. So then I have to paste it into Js fiddle or as above in code pen. Problem is that when I paste it in the test no longer passes.

Even though it passes in my vs code.
Why is this happening?

Hey, that codepen link is to an empty pen. Make sure you give us the link to your project.

sorry it’s fixed now I didn’t save it :smiling_face:

Your code is passing for me.

Did you pick the correct test from the dropdown?
Which tests are failing?

Ya, passing for me too. But should the tooltip really be at the bottom of the page. I thought they were supposed to show up where your mouse is.

awesome then was a bug?

It is still not passing for you? Which test is failing?

This is what I see .

You’re running the “bar chart” tests on the scatter plot project.

Let me just quote myself because why not.

Wait , what? how did that happen? :


It’s the little things, always the little things.

BTW, you can lock the test to the correct version by adding a projectName variable with the project name set.

const projectName = 'scatter-plot';

You can look at the example projects to see the string values.

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