useEffect and other functions

Done already , i have pushed it to my github respo , im not sure whats going on with the fetched url , i checked it in a browser and it gave me this message . Missing required request header. Must specify one of: origin,x-requested-with
but my updated code in my github , cant wait to see yours too.

Have you researched that error? The FCC suggestions is read - search - ask. Asking should be the last step. An important part of being a developer is researching things - things like this pop up all the time. I would start off with google or Stack Overflow, or in some cases check the docs if it is a specific problem. If it is with a specific package, you can check for issues in the repo. These are fundamental skills for a developer.

So, I might suggest you start here.

Also, this seems to have diverged from the OP so if you still can’t find the answer, you might consider opening a new thread.

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