useEffect Confusion in Reactjs

I am not understanding this fully, can someone elaborate on this for me a little? What is this exactly saying?

What exactly are you looking for clarification of?

Unlike componentDidMount or componentDidUpate, effects scheduled with useEffect don’t block the browser from updating

What do these lines mean?

I assume it’s referring to the hook being asynchronous and not render-blocking.

Are you looking for information about the lifecycle methods or the useEffect hook, or both? Are you dealing with something specific that makes you ask about this?

Here it says that useEffect don’t block the browser from updating but componentDidMount and componentDidUpate does, how they block the browser from updating?

I feel like the links I have given you should answer that. Read the first article and take note of browser painting.

Here is one more article.

I really doubt I can explain it better than Dan Abramov, Kent C. Dodds, or the people over at ReactTraining.

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