User data base for games or websites?


So i was thinking of a webpage i want to do. It’s not a forum, therefore i can’t rely on the free forums available out there to sort this thing.

Basically i want to have people register on the website with all sorts of game character preferences and few details such as player name and age / gender maybe.

At first i wanted to build the webpage on a free host, like neocities, but they don’t offer any php / sql support. I am not familiar with backend stuff, so i am not very good at handling data bases. For form handling i intended to use php form handling or somesuch.

So any idea where to start with building the user database?

You could get started withFreeCodeCamp’s backend curriculum.

It uses Node and MongoDB instead of PHP and MySQL. If you are unfamiliar with JavaScript, get up to speed with that first, since Node is JavaScript!

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Hey, thanks for the replies.

I have an edx account for a while now. How much is an edx certification worth in your opinion? Wondering if i should get the introduction to computer science cert just to show off i have a havard cert.

The most recent Soft Skills Engineering podcast episode addressed certs. There TL;DR is: Don’t bother. You can listen to the episode here:

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